Saturday, 29 September 2012

Sometimes you can miss things when they are right in front of your face

On our walk today we were fascinated by this moss growing on a wild rose in the hedgerow

 So I spent a few minutes looking at it and photographing it with the intention of posting the photos on this blog later to ask if anyone had seen this before and what it is. So can anyone help us out with this?

BUT it wasn't until I was looking at the pictures later this evening that I spotted something else - how could I have missed it?

Have you spotted it yet?

just going by what can be seen on the photo, it looks as though it is a common hawker or it could be a migrant hawker dragonfly

Thursday, 6 September 2012

A day lakeside at Coniston

A long way to go for a day out,  3 hours drive each way but  a lovely relaxing time once we were there, daughters birthday and her request was a day by a lake, not doing anything just sitting!
So our destination was Coniston Water and the sun shone.

Lots of time to watch the activity on the water, a variety of water craft.

and ducks of course

For a short time time our peace was disturbed by a group of five young lads who chose 'our' beach to set up and launch their inflatable, very entertaining watching them work out how to fit all five in without the sides collapsing and then how to paddle in a straight line, but somehow they made it across the lake and back safely with no life jackets

Our dog was happy just to stand around in the water and occasionally chase the odd stick

although we did manage to finally wear her out as Mr S and I couldn't quite manage 5 hours sitting down on the shore so we did take her for a short mile or so stroll through the woods, following the 'purple trail' a very pleasant and not to arduous a walk

Dor Beetle

 all in all a very pleasant, thoroughly lazy day.