Monday, 21 April 2014

dandelions and bluebells

I have often sung the praises of dandelions, a much maligned flower and undeservedly so in my opinion, as you can read in a much earlier post on this blog from 2011entitled 'our magnificent dandelion'. Today the dandelions along our lane are again in full flower - and the few bluebells in the verges are also just starting to flower too, not in the masses as they are at Jackson's coppice (see my previous post) but just enough to add a splash of blue and the vibrancy of the two flowers together is quite stunning!

dandelions with ground ivy

Dandelions and celandine

dandelions with bluebells

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Jackson's Marsh and Coppice

A morning of Marsh Marigolds, bluebells and birdsong.
Our day started with a walk along the boardwalk around Jackson's Marsh, a Staffordshire Wildlife Trust reserve,  we were greeted by the call of a chiffchaff that teased us for a few minutes before hopping onto a different branch high up in the alders before flying off. the Marsh was full of birdsong, we spotted chiffchaff, nuthatch, goldcrest, coal tit, great tit, blue tit, robin, wren, dunnock, blackbird, jackdaws and buzzard.
Jackson's Marsh

We then went on to Jackson's Coppice, the bluebells are flowering another week and the woodland floor will be covered in bluebells.

wood anemone

wood anemone
wood anemone

Wood Sorrel 
photography by Angela Smith

Friday, 11 April 2014

The delights of a spring stroll up the lane

I do enjoy my dog walks up the lane, especially when I have time to enjoy it!
This afternoon the sun shone for me, the birds were singing , there were plenty of hoverflies and bumblebees about along with a few butterflies , today it was small tortoiseshells and peacock,  and if you stood still you could occasionally hear the rustling of vegetation as small mammals moved about, today we caught a glimpse of a young rabbit just a couple of metres away, earlier on this week we watched a couple of mice scurrying along the hedge branches.
Some of these wildlife gems I managed to photograph, while other times I just enjoyed the moment!
here's my picture for today

Great Diving Beetle in puddle

Photography by Angela Smith

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

you could almost believe it was spring!

A beautiful warm and sunny dog walk, with just a light breeze, which meant I had a good chance of photographing my first butterfly of the year, so I took my camera and yes right on cue - this small tortoiseshell butterfly turned up at just the right moment!

the birds were in full song too, such as this wren - belting it out!!!

such a big noise from such a tiny bird -

and this chaffinch too!

My favourite kind of dog walks!