Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A day out to Loch Coruisk

This was a treat for me and my daughter, while Mr S spent the day at Elgol, looking after our dog who would not have coped with the boat trip. Mr S had visited Coruisk by sea kayak before so he'd recommended it, for it's stunning views - we took the Bella Jane with the 1 1/2 hour landing at Coruisk to enjoy.

I love boat trips and having taken the road bridge to Skye again because our dog wouldn't have coped with the ferry - (she doesn't like the vibration of the engines and digs her claws in, refusing to budge and she is too heavy to carry, so ferries are ruled out of holidays for the time being!)  I needed to get on the water even if it was just a small boat!

The way in to Coruisk the Bella Jane took us past Camasunary which is where the Schools Hebridean Society used to camp back in the 1970's 80's  although I never attended one of the Skye expeditions, I had read about many of them and met many members of the SHS who had, so I felt as though I knew it - It looked like a spectacular setting for an expedition.

The Bella Jane then slowed down as we passed close by several islands covered with Common Seals.
Two sea kayakers also were approaching Loch Coruisk, One of the fantastic things about being in a sea kayak is that the seals will swim up to you as they are curious by nature - I have had some very close encounters in the past, but kayaking doesn't come easily to me any more, I seem to have lost the use of the muscles in my back and top of legs which I need to kayak so I was very envious, but of course if I had been in a kayak I wouldn't have had my camera so wouldn't have been able to take these photos.

we then approached Coruisk

and then disembarked at Coruisk.
Time to explore and according to the Bella Jane website, enjoy the magnificent scenery and overwhelming  tranquillity of this truly unique and unforgettable location.
It really was magnificent scenery set within the heart of the Cuillin mountains.

 Tranquillity? well yes it should have been very tranquil, but unfortunately one of the families who came over with us thought they were the only people there, and spent most of the time swimming in the very cold loch, so lots of screams and shouts - so no chance of seeing otters and eagles then - but hey I expect they had a good time!!!

A brisk walk past the family and everyone else who had sat down to eat there lunches and you could escape most of the noise and almost imagine that you were the only people there until you turned around again that is or another of the swimmers gave out another scream!

We reached as far as we dared giving us enough time to return to our picking up point stopping for a bit of a late lunch before boarding the boat for our return trip with a welcome cup of tea,

then the highlight as we approached Elgol again I spotted a porpoise! (No photo)
A fabulous day out!!!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Views from Ord - Isle of Skye

Our second week on Skye was spent here

with fantastic views of the Loch Eishort

Our first evening we took a stroll down to the beach 

More views from around Ord over the following week

Monday, 21 July 2014

Neist point - Isle of Skye

Half way through our holiday and we moved location from the cottage at Staffin to one at Ord. We had to vacate by 10am and had no access to the new one until 4pm - we also had a fully packed car so we were reluctant to leave it for a long time so we enjoyed a leisurely drive to Neist Point the most westerly point on the Isle of Skye, stopping off at a craft studio and then also stopping off for a much needed cup of tea or two at a cafe before visiting the very pretty Meanish pier and Loch Pooltiel

before continuing our journey to Neist Point 

we enjoyed our lunch here looking out for whales but no sightings to report!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Kilt Rock and more

We spent a grey afternoon with the odd shower stopping off at some of the view points along the Trotternish coast to take some more photos.
First stop Kilt Rock which is the cliff that resembles a kilt beyond Mealt Waterfall.

Mealt waterfall
below us blocks of basalt had tumbled into the sound of Rassay

Ahead of us views of Rona

next stop Tobhta Uachdrach

then onto Inver Tote to take a look at the waterfalls 

and a short walk past the old diatomite workings to the coast and a rainbow!

Our final stop for the day was at these peat cuttings.... just because