Sunday, 25 September 2011

Autumn Hedgerow

A half mile walk along a country lane shows just how many berries, fruits and nuts are around at the moment
The lane

Fruit of the blackthorn - Sloes -Prunus spinosa

Other local names for Sloes include  'Bullens' in Shropshire; 'Heg-Peg's in Gloucestershire;'Hedge-Picks' in Hampshire; 'Hedge-Speaks' in Wiltshire; 'Slags' in Oxfordshire; 'Snags' in Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire; 'Winter Kecksies' in Isle of White and 'Winter Picks' in Sussex

Fruit of the Hawthorn - Haws - Crataegus monogyna

Other local names include Agald, Agarve, Aggle, Agog, Bird's, Eggle, Chaw, Cuckoo's Beads, Hag, Hipperthaw, Hegpeg, Hogail, Hoggosse, Pig-Berry, Pixie-Pear

Fruit of the Honeysuckle Lonicera periclymenum

Holly berries - Ilex aquifolium
These poisonous berries are only found on the female tree

Bittersweet berries - Solanum dulcamara
Also known as woody nightshade - berries are poisonous

Fruit of the Common Elder - Elderberries - Sambucus nigra  

Greengage - Prunus domestica

Fruit of the Wild Rose - Rose-Hips - Rosa
Local names include Buckie Berries, Cankers, Choops,Dog-Jobs, Hagisses, Hedge-Pedgies, Hipsons, Huggans, Itching-Berries, Nippernails, Pig's Noses, Pixie Pears, Soldiers. 


nut of oak Quercus robur- acorn

Friday, 16 September 2011

The Boardwalk at Wolseley is now open

Last weekend I attended the official opening of the new board walk at the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust at Wolseley Bridge. Mike Dilger of BBC's The One Show fame opened the boardwalk after a colourful clog dance by the Beggars Oak Clog Dancers.

Mike Dilger greeting some of the visitors

The official opening

The boardwalk itself is made with weather resistant recycled plastic, we enjoyed a short walk along the boardwalk taking in some of the wonderful views on the way!!!

unfortunately the rain then arrived so it was a quick dash inside for tea and cakes!
The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust are so close to their £30,000 target, and you can still donate and help get them there...