Sunday, 25 September 2011

Autumn Hedgerow

A half mile walk along a country lane shows just how many berries, fruits and nuts are around at the moment
The lane

Fruit of the blackthorn - Sloes -Prunus spinosa

Other local names for Sloes include  'Bullens' in Shropshire; 'Heg-Peg's in Gloucestershire;'Hedge-Picks' in Hampshire; 'Hedge-Speaks' in Wiltshire; 'Slags' in Oxfordshire; 'Snags' in Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire; 'Winter Kecksies' in Isle of White and 'Winter Picks' in Sussex

Fruit of the Hawthorn - Haws - Crataegus monogyna

Other local names include Agald, Agarve, Aggle, Agog, Bird's, Eggle, Chaw, Cuckoo's Beads, Hag, Hipperthaw, Hegpeg, Hogail, Hoggosse, Pig-Berry, Pixie-Pear

Fruit of the Honeysuckle Lonicera periclymenum

Holly berries - Ilex aquifolium
These poisonous berries are only found on the female tree

Bittersweet berries - Solanum dulcamara
Also known as woody nightshade - berries are poisonous

Fruit of the Common Elder - Elderberries - Sambucus nigra  

Greengage - Prunus domestica

Fruit of the Wild Rose - Rose-Hips - Rosa
Local names include Buckie Berries, Cankers, Choops,Dog-Jobs, Hagisses, Hedge-Pedgies, Hipsons, Huggans, Itching-Berries, Nippernails, Pig's Noses, Pixie Pears, Soldiers. 


nut of oak Quercus robur- acorn