Sunday, 2 January 2011

Another Place

We wanted to take the dog out for a walk but couldn't decide where to take her, finally we jumped into car and set off for our chosen destination.

Straight up the M6, onto M62 and M57
 to here .... any ideas?

The clue is in the title of the post, Another Place - By Antony Gormley....

'This installation by the Angel of the North artist, consists of 100 life size figures spread out along three kilometres of Crosby beach, stretching almost one kilometre out to sea. Secured on three metre high foundation piles, the sculptures are solid cast-iron made from moulds of the artists own body.....'

So that's how the sign begins.
I have wanted to visit Crosby beach since these figures were first installed, but actually, I'm pleased we waited until now, as these sculptures have for several years now been subjected to the natural elements of the climate and the sea, so what initially was a series of iron men have now changed into living statues, or the ones that regularly get covered with sea have any way.

This was our first encounter; pretty much all still cast iron!

So we made our way down to these

See how the barnacles and muscles have claimed them, and if you stand up very close to them placing your ear next to them you can even hear the barnacles

hmm ... may be they should be dressed! So son place his hat on this one briefly

Further along the beach we then came across these two 'dressed' statues, I was actually thinking more dinner jacket and bow ties myself!

One word of warning to any one else planning to visit these amazing statues, please do not take to lightly the warning on the sign about the soft sand, as you can see from the photo of me standing next to one of the statues you do sink into the sand very easily, and shortly after taking this last picture my family had to come and pull me out of the sand, at this point I was not far from the top of the beach.

I strongly recommend you visit this wonderful place, but please take care!