Thursday, 2 August 2012

K1M - Mens kayaking at the Olympics

Yesterday we were at Lee Valley White Water Centre for an Olympic treat - a fantastic day out!
Walking through the park from the station to the centre I had to ignore the dragonflies damsel flies and little egrets that were flying around as we hadn't gone there for the wildlife.
On the information - we were told to arrive early - so that is what we did, only to be stood in a queue waiting for the gates to open an hour later. Still time seemed to fly by and we found ourselves in the centre in time for lunch. We grabbed a grilled sandwich and a drink which we then took with us to our seats and sat and waited.

It was great watching the stands fill up with so much colour - flags from all over the world,

We were sat immediately behind a small group of Japanese and in front of them were some Italians.
While we were sat waiting for it all to start the screen flashed to the Ladies pairs rowing at Eton Dorney and GB's first gold medal of the games A great way to start the day!

Then after enduring the pre-competition interviewing by the very much over enthusiastic, Canadian I think, presenter, the semi finals of the K1M (Mens Kayaking) could start!

These were the unlucky kayakers who didn't make the finals
Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Belgium, and unfortunately Richard Hounslow GB.(there's always tomorrow)
New Zealand


GB - Richard Hounslow

GB- Richard Hounslow

Time for a break....

and the mexican waves.....

... before the final.

The Final
First one to go down was Etienne Daille of France a 22 yr old sports student.

Daille picked up 2 penalties and finished with a time of 101.87

next to go 23 yr old Kazuki Yazawa of Japan - you should have heard out Japanese fans in front of us!!!!!

Yazawa finished clear with a time of 104.44

Next to go 25 year old Vavrinek Hradilek from Czech Republic

Hradilek finished with a clear time of 94.78  putting him into first position.

Next to go was Helmut Oblinger a 39 year old sports teacher from Austria

Oblinger picked up 2 penalties and finished with a score of 104.28

Next was Benjamin Boukpeti 30 year old from Toga

Boukpeti picked up a massive 52 penalties so his finishing time was 152.23
Half way through and following on from Boukpeti was Hannes Aigner a 23year old Economics student from Germany

Aigner finished with a clear time of 94.92 placing him currently in 2nd place

Next to come was 26 year old Samuel Hernanz from Spain

Hernanz finished with a clear time of 96.95

Next to come 27 year old Daniele Molmenti from Italy

Molmenti finished a fantastic clear round with a time of 93.43 putting him in first place.

Next to come Mateusz Polaczyk 24 year old student from Poland

Polaczyk finished with a clear time of  96.14

Next to come was Peter Kauzer 28 year old from Slovenia

Kauzer finished with 6 penalties taking his time to 101.01

So that completed the K1M Final
 and the final standings were
1st  Daniele Molmenti - Italy
2nd Vavrinek Hradilek -Czech Republic
3rd Hannes Aigner - Germany.
Bring on the medal ceremony

                                                     Bronze - Hannes Aigner- Germany

                                            Silver - Vavrinek Hradilek - Czech Republic

                                             Gold - Daniele Molmenti - Italy

                                                              The National Anthem

Congratulations to the medallists -
it just wasn't going to be GB's day -
Unlike today C2M gold to Scott and Baillie and silver to David Florence and Richard Hounslow - Huge congratulations to you all