Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Small pearl bordered fritillary - Isle of Mull

Sitting in the holiday cottage garden on the Isle of Mull enjoying the warm sunshine, watching the tide come in and the bees buzzing around the clover on the lawn,

 a small heath butterfly landed near by,

 so a  butterfly hunt followed to see what else we had fluttering around the garden. We followed the small heath to a patch of flag iris to the rear of the garden, and up flew a blue! with the help of Mr S who followed the blue butterfly with his eyes and called up directions, I picked my way carefully through the irises to get to the blue. On my way I caught a flash of orange out of the corner of my eye, so I then ignore Mr S's directions and veer off to hunt for my orange butterfly calling down to Mr S' I think we have a frit!!!!' Mr S doesn't hear me and is still giving me directions to the blue - 'But it's a frit!!!!  I find it sitting on a leaf close to the ground surrounded by iris leaves and Mr S comes up to see what I have found. Sure enough it was a fritillary, a beautiful small pearl bordered fritillary -

We never did get to the blue!