Wednesday, 15 January 2014

what is it about puddles?

When I was a child  puddles would entertain me for ooh .... minutes! I would splash through them, ride my bike through them with legs up high out of the way!, throw stones and soil into them and poor unsuspecting worms and beetles would unfortunately get tossed in occasionally too just so I could see if they would make it out again!
So why is it that they still hold some fascination some 40 plus years on - I still love splashing or slowly wading through puddles watching the small waves and ripple form, providing I have wellies on! and on other days I will stand near to one watching the reflections not wanting to disturb them if it is really still. Today there was a breeze, but the sun was shining and at the top of our lane is a magnificent oak tree and as I approached it the reflections in the puddle across the lane stopped me again, this time I had my camera with me. The reflections kept changing as the breeze picked up and calmed down and as the sun kept getting hidden behind passing clouds and reappearing again, I could have stayed there all afternoon clicking away - as it is I found it very hard to delete any of the photos. I kept 18 which are all currently on my flickr page here are just a small selection, not necessarily the best as they are all different!