Monday, 4 May 2015

pearl-bordered fritillary

We visited the Wyre forest this morning with the hope of seeing some pearl bordered fritillary butterflies, The last time we visited was a beautiful sunny warm day and it seemed that they were everywhere, the weather forecast last night looked favourable, so we ignored the clouds at home and set off fairly early with trusting the forecast and the sun would be shining and we would see loads!
Well the sun was shining, unfortunately there was also a lot of cloud so we only had brief sunny intervals and when the sun went behind the cloud it was actually fairly chilly. We didn't see any butterflies for at least an hour and we were heading back towards the car park when we saw our first butterfly it didn't stop so no firm id but could have been a skipper, may be! less than a minute later a pearl bordered fritillary drifted past us, I eagerly followed with camera poised... how can butterflies just vanish like that?  hey ho at least we had seen one so we now knew they were about!
It must have been a good ten minutes or so later when this one decided to settle close to us, the problem was there was always a blade of grass or two in the way...

....until it briefly landed on a dandelion