Monday, 23 August 2010

Bosherston lily ponds to Broad Haven

Last full day in Pembrokeshire, so we chose to spend the day around Bosherston and Broad Haven. It had been a few years since our last visit to these tranquil lakes and it was good to get back there. The lakes were created between 1780 and 1860 by flooding three narrow limestone valleys on the Stackpole Estate and today they are managed by the National Trust.
We parked at Bosherston and walked along the ponds to Broad Haven

This is what the ponds are famed for;  lilies

I have never seen the water level so low in some places weed could be seen hanging from branches a good couple of metres above the water.

It was a cloudy day so unfortunately we didn't see any dragonflies, we did however have a very close encounter with this young robin.

If you get to the ponds in the early morning when it is quiet, there is a good chance of seeing otter, we didn't!
We did though see this adult coot with it's young.

There is a great view point at the top of a rocky hill looking down over one of the lakes.

 We stayed here for a while and watched these Mute Swans.

OK posturing over now lets have a dip!

Apparently a fisherman had a broken his ankle while fishing off the rocks at Broad Haven  The Air Ambulance arrived at the scene just as we were starting our walk, by the time we arrived at the view point the helicopter was airlifting the man to hospital.

Continuing our walk, in places the path was lined with marjoram

While walking along the path to Broad Haven we noticed that many of the hazels had grown with this unusual bark, not sure what has caused this.

Broad Haven

We chose not to walk along beach but opted for the walk through the dunes to Broad Haven Car park

evening primrose

the path led through this mass of brambles and old mans beard

Made it!
 looking back across the dunes to the lily ponds

Then along the sunken lane back to Bosherston

so many interesting plants to look at in the hedgerows! including this toadflax

Finished off with a lunch at St Govans Inn sat outside in the rain with the dog:)