Monday, 2 August 2010

A day at Camaes Bay, Anglesey

Yesterday I accompanied Mr S on a day visit to Anglesey. One of Mr. S's passions is sea kayaking and although I no longer kayak, I can quite happily occupy myself while hubby paddles around in the sea, so I enjoyed a day exploring Camaes Bay.
On arrival at the harbour car park, Mr S started sorting out his kayak, this would normally take him about three quarters of an hour, long enough for me to go and explore the village itself.

A short walk out of the car park over the bridge and up into the high street, most of the shops were closed as it was a Sunday morning and still very quiet, the heritage centre thankfully was open so I was able to buy myself a much needed cup of tea to take away. Ok with a cup of tea in my hand, I knew I was going to enjoy my day!

On returning to the car park the kiosk there had also opened so I paid our £2 to park for the day, and Mr S was ready to go. It was time to help to carry the kayak down to the sea, which was hard work as tide was out and kayak was loaded with goodness knows what, so heavy!

Any way job done wave goodbye to Mr S.

Off on walk along coast path.The smell of the bracken hits you immediately, it still evokes memories of childhood camping holidays in the Gower!

A few of my encounters:

Small copper butterfly

Mr S

large skipper butterfly

White lady rock

Mr S arriving at lunch time rendezvous

where is she?

Oyster catchers

Lunch over back to path.
Adult and young pied wagtail

There is just something about churches and grave yards by the sea!
Llanbadrig church

Consecrated by the Arch Bishop of Wales in 1535

Great perch for a pipit

Oh and there is Mr S again!

I kept seeing blue butterflies at this point but wrong side of coast path and it was quite a steep drop, so not going to follow!

Stopped here for a while hoping that butterflies would come to me instead, I do like sitting amongst the heather!

look hard and you can see it

No not Mr S, This, I believe this is a Grayling butterfly

Last view of Mr S.


Sea Campion

ravens in synchronised flight

Wall butterfly.

twisted gorse stems.

Wind farm

There is something about these majestic machines working hard to provide some our much needed power, so beautiful and graceful!

back to car to await the safe return of Mr S. At least the tide is in so won't have to carry kayak quite so far this time!

Yes I do worry when Mr S goes out in his kayak by himself, I would be much happier if he were to go out with a group, and he did go online to see if anyone else was going, but couldn't get anything arranged.
and things can go badly wrong!
Mr S did get back to car safe, but another sea kayaker who was out with a group, hurt his back while they were out, they pulled in at Camaes with the intention of leaving him there and someone driving back to collect him later, but they found Mr S. sorting out his kayak with fortunately a rack for two kayaks on his car, so we took injured kayaker and his kayak back to his car at Church bay, before returning home.