Sunday, 27 February 2011

Snowdrops at Loynton Moss

I have featured walks around Loynton Moss before on this blog.
When I think of Loynton this is what comes to mind before anything else.
The beautiful show of snowdrops, I have been delaying our visit, hoping for some sunshine to coincide with a free day but it just wasn't to be, so today I decided we would have to go anyway as there can't be many more days left before the snowdrops start to fade. I fear we have missed the best of the display this year as many are starting to wilt and aren't their brilliant white any more, but hopefully this will give you some idea of how magnificent the snowdrops can be here.
This is the view as we approach the snowdrop bank

Then you see them in their full splendour

dotted about amongst them are flashes of red  - cup fungus

As the wind was blowing it was really impressive as the tops of the trees were swaying into each other.
And it was also very encouraging to see that all the hard work going on at the reserve is showing results as the Moss is probably wetter than we've ever seen it.

 Just wish the sun had been shining!
 but still so good to get out!