Saturday, 25 June 2011

Ardkenish, Colonsay

During our week on Colonsay, Ardkenish kept coming into conversations, so it was a place we had to visit.
We left it until our last day on the Island, but I am so pleased we managed to fit it in!

To get there we parked near to the islands airport, then walked across part of the island's golf course...

 Then along a track, lined with cattle: cows, calfs and a bull, enough said about those,  if you are a regular reader of this blog you might have picked up that I go into panic mode if I have to walk any where near cattle!!!!
Cattle behind us magnificent views ahead.

 Now this is what you would call a location - no road, but at least it appears to have electricity!!!!

 Oh yes and we saw some seals-

Then it was time to face the cattle again, but this time they had moved slightly away from the track so it wasn't such an ordeal