Sunday, 19 June 2011

Tobar Fuar, Colonsay

Thirty years ago this year I met Mr S for the very first time here at Tobar Fuar, it was late evening and he was putting up the last of the tents for a Schools Hebridean Society expedition, I had just arrived with a group of thirteen year old boys who were to share a wonderful three weeks at this beautiful bay.
This year's visit was our first visit to Colonsay since that expedition and now I am wondering why we left it so long before we returned.

On our return to Tobar Fuar, or Machrins as it is known by the islanders, we set to on trying to work out where exactly we had pitched the tents all those years ago, it appears that part of the shore has now been washed away. but we decided that it was on the flat area near to the beach in the photo below.

Once we had established the location of the tents we then went on to explore the rest of the bay

 I had forgotten how stunning it was!

 When we were here thirty years ago, I was the kayaking instructor, so I spent many a happy hour paddling around these small islands in the bay, this year though there were a lot of nesting birds including a large number of terns on the shingle island below, so we decided it would be best if we didn't take the kayaks out this time, so we just sat on the rocks and enjoyed the views instead.