Sunday, 27 May 2012

A glorious day in the Wyre Forest with buzzards soaring overhead

Considering the Wyre Forest is less than an hours drive away from my home I am ashamed to say that this was my first visit!

We went in search of Pearl-bordered Fritilary and we found them in abundance.
As it was a beautiful sunny day the butterflies were very active, I kept willing them to settle but they rarely did - I did manage to get a few photos though....

...even though this wasn't made any easier by the thousands of wood ants crawling around.

Not good when I had chosen to wear sandals - walking boots next time!

As a foot note - As brilliant as today was it was made a whole lot better by the buzzards soaring around above us!
As news emerged this weeks of DEFRA plans to spend £375,00 on preventing buzzards from taking Pheasants reared for shoots please take a look at The Wildlife Trusts view and you are invited to tweet comments  #saveourbuzzards