Saturday, 19 May 2012

St Lawrence Church Tower Open day

St Lawrence Church, Gnosall

Today we had the opportunity to visit St Lawrence Church in Gnosall to climb the tower and take in the views. The stairs are very narrow as are some of the steps, thankfully there was a good strong rope to hold on to, climbing out onto the roof proved a little bit tricky, fortunately there was someone waiting for us to help us out.

Such a shame that the weather is still so grey, the views I'm sure would be fantastic on a clear sunny day. But I snapped away anyway as this may be the only time I manage to get up there.

If you look hard you can see our house

St Lawrence C.E. Primary School

The A518 heading towards Newport

looking straight down

On our way down we stopped off at the bell ringers room, after watching a solo ringer giving a demonstration, I was then offered a chance to ring a bell myself, so as my daughter says you should try something new every week, how could I refuse, every time I hear those bells ringing in future I will be able to think 'I have chimed one of those'!!!!