Sunday, 31 October 2010

Acharacle, First impressions

What a beautiful area to visit,
After a 10 hour drive with stops for dog to exercise and to stock up with supplies at Fort William, we finally arrived at Acharacle, unpacked and then had a chance to stop and look out of the window to see this stunning moon rise.

oh yes this was going to be a good week!
Not much light left to see anything else outside, we had to wait for Sunday before we could get out and explore the area a bit more.
Half past seven the following morning dog woke me up time for breakfast, although I ignored the clock that had told me it was that time and decided that the one that read four thirty was in fact the correct time, as it was still dark, not like at home when I would have been outside photographing the sunrise! So back to bed having let the dog out unfed, she wouldn't let me settle and the birds were just starting to call too, so back out of bed I got, fed dog and bleary eyed opened the door again to let her outside, this time the light was just starting to break through, so I grabbed my camera and put on some shoes and outside I went to enjoy sunrise in Acharacle.

It was a beautiful crisp cold misty morning, so as I was still in my dressing gown I returned to the comfort of the house and waited for the mist to lift!
And it did so back outside I went..

As I was still wearing my dressing gown at this time I didn't think I should venture any further than the garden. One thing had become evident, it may be a quiet remote area of Scotland, but it was much busier than my home, cars passed by the house regularly and I had to time the photographs between the traffic and the pedestrians who were also enjoying the wonderful weather, I had several people apologise when they saw me there waiting for them to walk by, and did I mention I was still in my dressing gown! The light was constantly changing and I wasn't going to miss the chance to capture the views while I got dressed, It's a holiday after all!