Thursday, 14 October 2010

More Common Views

I just can't resist the walking on the common now, and unlike last year the ground isn't churned up by the cattle as it was a much drier summer, so much easier to walk!
I went for a 'quick' walk across the common again yesterday well that was the plan, it ended up being a walk all the way round the common, a wonderful hour totally absorbed!
During that hour I watched, dragonflies basking in the sun and dancing butterflies. Pipits, snipe and pheasant lifted startled into the air, and I caught a wonderful glimpse of a fox furtively moving away through the trees.
Here are some of my captured memories!

         this believe it or not is the brook, can't see any water in it but dog goes for a dip in it every time

                                                                       startled pheasant!