Monday, 26 March 2012

Glorious Highgate Common

Highgate Common - another of the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Reserves,and one I have never visited before, situated in the South of Staffordshire, it is a remnant of an ancient lowland heath that used to stretch for 15miles.

Today the sun shone and the birds were singing everywhere, chiffchaff accompanied us , A huge mixed flock of linnets and  lesser redpoll were making one almighty cacophony of chirping on the edge of the woodland,  robin, song thrush, great tits, blue tits and long tailed tits again were all on great form, green woodpeckers were yaffling and greater spotted woodpeckers were drumming, jays were calling,.a couple of treecreepers were playing chase around the base of a tree and then up above there were soaring buzzards and at least 5 kestrels were spotted too!

linnets and redpoll

Song thrush


Butterflies including commas and peacocks  were fluttering around as were some small orange butterflies that we were unable to identify as they kept landing in the trees, which made us think they might have been moths instead!

Highgate Common is also home to several rare solitary bees and to help their continued success there several sand scrapes have been made on the paths where the bees make their nests. I am no bee expert but managed to photograph a couple of different ones - no idea if these are among the rare ones!.

Highgate Common also has grass snakes,  slow worms and lizards - we didn't see any today! It is also home to over 5,000 insects - we did see several of these!!!!