Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Little Owl

Walking our dog up the lane last week I spotted a Little Owl in an old pear tree in the middle of a small field, this didn't come as a total surprise as we used to see Little Owls in and around that field for several years - but the last two or three years there has been no sign of them.
I was naturally really excited so on my return home I jumped in the car with my camera in the hope it would still be there, but of course it had gone!
The following morning, there were two little owls sat in the same tree, I didn't have my camera with me again, so for the next few days I took my camera with me every time I walked or drove past the field, with no joy!
This morning I decided that I didn't have time to take any photos so opted to leave my camera at home when I drove into the village and yes there it was again - dilemma should I turn around and go back for my camera - No - I really didn't have time,! On my return from the village it was still sat there, so when I got home I took a couple of sips of my tea which I had made before going out and was waiting for me, grabbed the dog lead and my camera and did a quick walk up the lane with our dog.
I kept telling myself that it would have flown off, as it had been so illusive over the last few days, but as I arrived at the field gate, to my relief it was still there, and not only that it hung around, - it just sat there turning its head around watching the farmer in his tractor, me, the cows that were walking into the field as I arrived, eventually the cows got too close to the tree and the owl flew off, but at least I managed to get some pictures first! 
Little owls really are little, hopefully there will be some even smaller owlets to watch later on in the year!