Thursday, 22 March 2012

So here we go again, chasing butterflies

A beautiful sunny day here in Staffordshire, but that wind out there is cold and strong!!! no chance of a butterfly resting in our garden today. It might be windy but you can always find a sheltered haven somewhere and I was hopeful that I would find one, I had a place in mind so a dog walk planned.

I was in luck - as I approached I saw a butterfly take to the air and another, would they settle or just keep flying. I was in luck again, not only did they settle they posed!




Every so often they would lift into the air to dance with another butterfly and then they would land again, I could have watched them for the whole afternoon, but lunch was calling.

The butterflies weren't the only ones enjoying the sunshine, several ladybirds were around too

 birds spotted today included, buzzard, grey heron, meadow pipit, kestrel.