Sunday, 7 April 2013

Cotton Dell

Our lovely peaceful walk through  Staffordshire Wildlife Trust reserve -Cotton Dell today -

 every so often you just had to stop and listen, we were surrounded by bird song, mainly tits, nuthatch and the occasional drumming of woodpeckers. and all the time the background noise of Cotton Brook.

I was hoping we would see a fairy and we weren't disappointed
This one is made by Fantasy Wire 

Cotton brook banks were covered in these Butterbur
I was also hoping to see or at least hear a chiffchaff - no luck I'm afraid, but we did watch this dipper for a good few minutes before it finally spotted us and flew up stream. We also saw a couple of mallard behaving very strangely were they hiding from each other or trying to hide from us?
 and then in the area below we saw two woodcock - very brief glimpses but great to see them!