Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Signs of Spring

I was gently reminded yesterday that I should be blogging more, my excuse that I was waiting for something new to photograph, wasn't really that convincing!
It's not that I don't take my camera out with me it's just that most of my pictures are of things I have blogged about before. Our lane is still fairly leafless, and there is only so many ways of showing bare twigs and grass.
But yesterday before my mild telling off, I had been out with the camera. I had actually chosen to use my macro lens with the hope of seeing a butterfly. So please view the below pics with that in mind - macro lens!

 the swallows have arrived

the birds are singing

we have catkins

and the blackthorn is just about to burst into flower

so spring is on its way and more pics of butterflies and bees too I hope!