Saturday, 15 May 2010

Bluebells and Badger

We arrived at our chosen destination  today, Jacksons Coppice, to be greeted by the call of a cuckoo, my first for 2010. We used to have them regularly flying around outside our house, last summer they didn't return and we haven't seen or heard them from home this year either, so it was lovely to hear this one, tantalisingly close but not a sign of it anywhere, but still a bonus, as the reason for visiting Jacksons Coppice wasn't for the birds at all but the bluebells.
The bluebells didn't disappoint, their heady scent filled the air and everywhere you looked  bluebells reigned supreme.Beautiful.

Jacksons Coppice is managed by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. Part of their management plan is to allow fallen wood to lie and rot, providing habitats for insects and to decompose naturally back into the woodland. These woodpiles create a stunning backdrop to the bluebells.

As well as bluebells; stitchwort, wood sorrel, red campion and yellow archangel were also in flower.

We decided to wait a while on this bench in hope that the sun might break through, the views were spectacular through the bluebells down towards a badger sett.

 while we were waiting we were rewarded with this sighting of a young badger, heading towards the sett, this was at 11-30am just sauntering around in broad daylight,without a care in the world.

We watched it for a good 5 minutes before it disappeared back into it's sett, and all the while the cuckoo was calling.

The sun did come out for a short while too and with it the butterflies, orangetips mainly and this large white butterfly.

All in all a perfect morning walk.